Saturday, 24 May 2014

Starting Fresh

A few months ago you would have found me over at Blinkered Barbie, my beauty blog. I loved foundation, nail varnish and all things pretty and there were people worldwide willing to log on to my little blog to find out what I had to say about the latest. I was beginning to get my foot on the ladder and really enjoying myself when suddenly, I wasn't anymore.

It wasn't about the make up as such, I generally just found myself disinterested in a lot of the things I had previously liked. I stopped going out much except for work, which meant I stopped wearing make up. I stopped reading Elle and Vogue, stopped caring about fashions, but I did find myself falling back into an old habit that had helped me through tough times in the past - baking.

Only I missed blogging. I missed sitting down to write, taking photographs, reading through to see what other people had to offer as well as sharing my own ideas and offerings with them. So it hit me, why not start a blog about the one thing that had gotten me through the last couple of months?

So here it is, my brand new little piece of the internet dedicated to the one hobby of mine that I know I will never fall out of love with. Welcome to Blinkered Barbie Bakes, and a fresh start.

Sammy xo.

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