Friday, 6 June 2014

My Week On Instagram #2

I realise that I've been a bit lax towards the end of this week and so I forgot to give you a sum up of my week on instagram. Lying here at 7:15am I thought; why not give it to you now, and you can still have a delicious recipe later on today anyway!? (Although why are you up? Back to bed, it's a Saturday and lie ins are practically law.)

As always, you can follow me on instagram (@sammysmeth) here to see all the recipes that don't make it onto my blog first time round, and little snippets into my life.

(Top to Bottom, Left to Right) homemade frozen yoghurt // fate vs. coincidence // vita coco for kids // chewing gum stash // millionaires shortbread // white chocolate nutella // chocolate and blueberry muffins

What's been on your instagram this week?

S xo.
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