Thursday, 24 July 2014

Barbies and (Getting Over) Break Ups

Isn't it typical teenage angst to be going through break ups? I thought I'd be over most of this by the time I hit twenty, I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe I thought this promised brink of adulthood meant I would meet my life partner and live happily ever after because nobody got dumped past the age of nineteen, boy oh boy was I wrong. A lot of people in my life seem to be going through the turmoil of up and down relationships, or on and off relationships, and as bad as this was for me and my friends in my teens, in my twenties when our friendship groups are already ever decreasing it seems to hit a lot harder. So how does one get through a break up? 

Step One: Disney Films.
Lots and lots of Disney films, even if you feel like Ursula right now, there is nothing that a good old sing-a-long to under the sea can't help. Plus, everyone thought Gaston was amazing, but Belle found someone even better. Furthermore, repeat after me "Cinderella never asked for a Prince, she asked for a dress and a night off." Keep reminding yourself that you're a princess, people are lucky to have you. I do this on a regular day anyway, break up or no break up.

Step Two: Ice Cream.
It's true what Bridget Jones says about finding relationships with these guys, men and women will leave you but a relationship with some phish food? That's for life. Eat until you're too full to cry. It's called comfort eating for a reason, you can get back on the diet at some other point. Or never again, once you've tasted ice cream there's pretty much no going back.

Step Three: Bad Pinterest Quotes.
Seriously, find as many bad pinterest quotes as you can about your break up because it is the single most therapeutic thing you can do (if you don't believe me, you've clearly never seen the sheer amount of pinterest quotes about break ups that are out there in cyberspace.) Go for cheesy, not intellectual. John Green makes you sound like you're emotionally stunted, jealous and bitter quotes show just the right kind of sadness.

In all seriousness though? A break up isn't going to kill you. I'm not denying how hard they are, you're losing a whole chunk of what you've been used to as your life, but you will get through it. In your future, and perhaps even in your past, you will have to learn to live with people you thought you couldn't live without, and all these break ups? They'll seem crazy insignificant when you look back on them. As pinterest taught me, "If I cut you out of my life, you probably handed me the scissors".

What are your tips for getting through a break up?

S xo.
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