Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Soap and Glory Sit Tight Super-Intense 4D

If you followed the original Blinkered you'll know that I was in a seriously turbulent love/hate relationship with Soap and Glory Sit Tight Intense XS. As much as I was entirely sure that it wasn't working for me, I was equally sure that the burning, tingling feeling kept dragging me back into believing that I might have supermodel thighs any day now. When I went to repurchase this, after a lot of umming and ahhing and "don't you think that's a lot of money" and "I work hard I deserve a nice treat"'s, I was devastated to find it had disappeared off the shelves. Fast forward until the beginning of last month when a new imposter appeared, similar but not quite the same, in it's place; Sit Tight Super-Intense 4D.

Look familiar? That's not your eyes deceiving you, that is a different product in essentially the same packaging, down to the rollerballs. Sit Tight 4D promises pretty much the same as intense xs did, smoother and tighter feeling thighs (best used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, of course.) So does it work? Well, yeah, I guess so. Sort of in the same way that the original did, the tingling and burning does make me think it's doing something, and to an extent I do feel like my thighs feel somewhat smoother and tighter, but I wouldn't say they looked any different (a braver blogger might have posted before and after pictures, but I will save you the horrors of having to judge!) 

  I'll be honest, I don't know if puffdrain 82, slimergy 3 and caffeine complex are any different to pressocapsular firm-plus, puffdrain 82 and pinkpepperslim-lip-fb, I honestly couldn't tell you if it's worth the extra £1.50 that the new version is costing compared to the old and I really, really hate to be cynical. Honestly, though? If the old one didn't work for you, I'm doubtful the new one, even with all it's made up new technology words, will fare any better. Don't get me wrong, I'll keep using mine, I kind of like the feeling it gives, and I do feel like my thighs might be tighter, but all in all? Don't expect miracles, 4D or otherwise. Also, seeing as the older one is still available on the website and they're pretty similar even down to the smell, I'd suggest giving the original a go if you're desperate to try one.

Have you used either version of sit tight? What's your opinion?

S xo.
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