Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Favourites

This month has been a bit manic for me. I've gotten back into blogging (mostly) every day, I've been on holiday, I've been working, it's all just been a little bit crazy (although that's not to say it hasn't been a decent amount of fun.) I thought I'd share with you a couple of things I've been loving this month, there's no make-up and fashion things in here as if I love them they'll be getting posts of their own; but here's a couple of other things I can't live without.


Because I've been on holiday this month I've listened to a lot of music compared to what I normally do, and there's two artists that have been constantly on repeat on my spotify; Passenger, and his album "Whispers", and Front Porch Step and their album "Aware". I could tell you why I like pretty much every song off both of these albums, but I've picked my favourites off of each instead. From Whispers, it's Bullets (although the acoustic version of Riding To New York came a close second) which I think actually might be the new single because I heard a sneaky play on Radio Swiss Pop yesterday. From Aware it has to be Private Fears In Public Places because, oh my days, my future husband or wife needs to be cool with this as a wedding song, but Drown is also right up there with the songs I can't stop playing.


I read tons and tons of books on holiday, but these two are by far my stand out favourites. The Deaths by Mark Lawson is a really lovely twist on an old fashioned whodunnit. In the first chapter you're introduced to the crime scene, then taken back to the past to see the lives of four sets of couples, each who have motives and reasons to be both victims and killers. A brilliant, surprisingly gripping book that kept me guessing until the very last few chapters. The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey is a book everyone seems to be raving about, and I'm not even going to think twice before jumping on the bandwagon. It's a really surprisingly moving book, and a genre I wouldn't have gone for had I realised but I'm so, so glad I did. A zombie apocalypse book from the view of a child, with an ending I just didn't see coming at all.

Other Bits.

I got my last degustabox before my subscription got cancelled this month, and in it I got three of the Zeo soft drinks, one citrus, one lime and one grapefruit and peach. These are all fizzy soft drinks with surprisingly low calories (between  30 and 47kcal) that are actually really nice. They all sort of have an underlying taste similar to Tizer, but that's seriously not a bad thing in my eyes. The last thing I've been loving is these multiwick candles from Sainsburys, This is Orange, Rose and Amber and I got it on sale. I can't find the original price, but I know it wasn't any more than £12, which is so much cheaper than the Yankee candles I normally favour! These actually leave a lingering smell in the air, as well, which is something my yankees never really have.

What have you been loving this month? What did you think of mine?

S xo.
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