Sunday, 3 August 2014

Anna Sui Eye Colour Palette

Some of you might remember when I posted about my new Narsisisst palette earlier this week, I also mentioned another palette with killer pigmentation that knocked it out of the water. So, without further ado, I introduce you to the Anna Sui Eye Colour Palette. I know, not what you were expecting, right?

When I spotted this on Escentual, I fell in love with the packaging. I vaguely remembered the release of Anna Sui make-up to Asos not that long ago, but I was fairly sure an eye palette wasn't part of that collection (and I can't see it on the site) but for £14 in the sale, there was no way I was leaving it there; it's not really my thing, but I know there's a lip palette in the sale, too. I absolutely fell in love with the cute, vintage packaging of this palette and it sent me back a few years to when I used to collect Dolly Girl bottles like they were going out of fashion, there something so girly and sweet about Anna Sui, and I can't help but want to snap it all up and make a pretty collection on every spare surface. The packaging itself isn't amazing, it's a cardboard based palette as opposed to a plastic one, and it comes with those sponge applicators that I hate so much, but trust me when I say that it more than makes up for it with what's inside.

When I first opened the palette I thought I'd probably made a massive mistake. The colours seemed erring on the side of being unwearable, but when I swatched them they all seem surprisingly versatile. I don't know what I expected from the palette, but it wasn't soft, pigmented shades like it offers. High packed glitter, very little fall out and barely any work to get a really rich colour pay off? I'm sold. Notable colours for me are the ones that actually look vile in the pan; top left in the pan (bottom middle swatch) is a gorgeous burned rust sort of colour I want to incorporate from now until forever in every make-up look,  and the glitter packed black underneath that's just begging for a smokey eye. I wouldn't say any shade let the palette down in terms of pigmentation, but for me the pinks are still a little too much. That's just personal preference though, really. All in all, I've restarted a love affair with Anna Sui, and you better be sure my Asos account is getting a thrashing because of it!

Have you tried Anna Sui make-up? What was your opinion?

S xo.

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