Saturday, 9 August 2014

5 Things (I am trying very hard to accept)

Today's post is brought to you by a 3am Tumblr binge. No, seriously. Anyone who regularly trawls Tumblr will be able to tell you that after about 1am it gets a little creepy; we go from posting pictures of cats to posting our greatest fears and deepest feelings (also, a lot of hilarious text posts, presumably from the sleep deprived.) This morning at 03:03am, to be precise, I stumbled across a post named "five things I am trying very hard to accept" which struck me as meaningful, but also quite poignant. I've mentioned it briefly in previous posts, but after hitting twenty I am struggling to find my path in life, along with a number of my friends who also made the difficult decision not to go to university.With that in mind, and the original post fresh in my head, I thought I might share my own five things I am trying very hard to accept.

1: You Will Lose Friends
It's inevitable that the people that promised that they would always be there for you sometimes just won't be. There won't be explanations, or fights, or long drawn out battles; just fewer and fewer texts until anything more becomes frankly awkward. You have to learn to accept it whether you like it or not; it will be a part of your life forever, anyone who walks out of the door you should hold it open for.

2: You Will Hate Your Job
Maybe not forever, and maybe not every day, but there will be more mornings than not when the thought of dragging yourself out of the relative comfort of bed to pull yourself through the same monotony day in and day out is enough to push you over the brink. It's a thing, people hate their jobs, life isn't fair. The money makes it all worth it, though. Dream of the eyeshadow palettes and get mopping.

3: Dream Relationships Don't Exist
No matter how much the American media want you to believe going out with your best friend is the dream, it's messy. All relationships are messy, and there will be nights when you're up at 3am wondering if you've made the biggest mistake of your life. Cold feet on lonely nights at a ridiculously late hour is completely normal, in my experience; it's when you're wondering the same things whilst walking down the aisle that you need to be worrying.

4: From The Minute You Start Earning Money, You Will Worry About It
Unless you're in the same tax bracket as Bill Gates, this is a really annoying fact of life. The minute your money belongs completely to you, you will constantly worry about it. I spend my weeks worrying if I have enough, wondering if I'm saving enough, and wondering if spending the equivalent of a days wages on a pair of shoes is excessive. It's a sad fact, but money rules the world. Try your best to be sensible with it.

5: Life Will Go Wrong
The last but by no means least is simple; it doesn't matter if you're a lawyer or a college dropout, it doesn't matter if you have a five year plan or if you're living each day as it comes - life is unpredictable. You can do your best to try and plan for anything and everything, but the basic fact is essentially this; life will send you in circles and you won't even know it until you find yourself back at square one. Everything happens for a reason, even if you can't see it right now.

I think everyone has things they're trying hard to accept at this age, and I would absolutely love to hear anything you're struggling to come to terms with. What are your opinions on mine?

S xo.
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